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Submit your creative work. We are seeking for feature films, short films, shows, and series videos.  If accepted, you will be qualified to earn a commission on your work. UpRiseTV is for contributors and seeks to support and expand the viewership of individual producers.

We Want You

Earn Commission

We have removed all barriers and qualifications that other video sharing sites require to start earning. Earn right away with 50% of the revenue from ads. Plus, no minimum payouts.

Community Guidelines

Respect copyright. We will only stream films and shows that are authorized by the original contributor. We are here to support each other and not steal someone else's work.

Profanity and Language. Obscene language is only allowed in a tasteful way. Too much unnecessary profanity may not be accepted to UpRiseTV.  Using God's name in vain will not be allowed on UpRiseTV. However, we may offer an agreement to censor words.


We are not a pornographic or sexually explicit site. The films and shows we want to showcase should be artistic and respectful.

Submit Your Work

Submitting your work is easy.


Simply submit your video project along with the form 

Our team will review your video and reach out to you along the process.

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