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A short film that leaves us with more questions than answers!

Watch the film here:

Directors Jacob Owens and Ryan Alexander create a four-minute masterpiece. The film, Roadside, being a thriller, begins in a rather peculiar design. A young beautiful girl, probably in her twenties, is walking all alone following a dirt road in the middle of the wilderness. She seems distraught about something. As the camera revolves around her it raises questions about her well being. What could have happened to her? Was she abused? Or, did she maybe lose someone close to her? These are the questions lingering around the viewer's mind at the time.

A car pulls over and a gentleman steps out and offers her a ride. She is reluctant and refuses to board but the gentleman is insistent. The man is too insistent which changes the viewer's perception of him. His way of offering to help out has a certain negative feeling to it. He might even be a serial killer, who knows? He forces the young lady into his car, hops in, and takes off. All this time the audience is so concerned about the young lady that what happens next shocks them. The car start swerving from right to left. Something must be wrong.

The car comes to a halt and the young lady steps out and goes to the driver’s seat. She removes the driver’s seemingly unconscious body from the seat and takes off in his car. The sudden twist in the plot is amazing and confusing at the same time. The reason as to why the young girl seemed uneasy in the beginning must have been due to something she had done wrong. Too bad we will never know. It leaves us with more questions than answers.

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