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Written by Brenda Jones

The emotion in the film makes it worth watching.

Watch the film here:

The film first introduces us to the beautiful Switzerland natural landscape. Mountains enveloped by clouds on their peaks and hills covered in trees. In the midst of all this is a road with a tiny car gracefully driving along. In the car is an old man who appears to be in deep thought about something. As the old man never speaks throughout the entire film, it begs the question, what is he searching for or where is he going?

As he parks his car under the beautiful sunset, he picks up his old camera to take photos of the beautiful landscape. A female voice-over puts the pieces together as she narrates his experiences throughout the film. Apparently, the short film takes us through the old man’s life journey. As he takes pictures of the landscape he flashes back to his life experiences. His love life is the central agenda in the film as we see him propose to his girlfriend who became his wife.

Every relationship has its highs and lows. Theirs was no exception. They could at times disagree and fall apart only to reconcile later. Their love for each other was compounded when they got a child together. As narrated in the film, the responsibility of knowing that another person was totally dependent on them was the greatest gift to them. All this while, the camera acts as the interface between the past and present. Pictures of his wife holding their baby reminding him of the life they had together.

In the end, it is clear that his wife passed away but left him a gift, their daughter. The voice behind the film is his wife expressing her love for him. Through their daughter, she lives on and will always be by his side. The emotion in the film makes it worth watching.

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